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GRANDIA celebrates its 25th anniversary on December 18, 2022, since the initial release of the Saturn version. To commemorate, we are hosting the 'GRANDIA 25th Anniversary Celebration.'

To participate, please follow the GungHo SNS account (@GungHo_America) and post using the hashtags: #GRANDIA25thAnniversary and #GRANDIAMemories during the event.

We will be giving away anniversary special goods to lucky 25 participants. Don't miss your chance to win!

GRANDIA 25th Anniversary Celebration

November 15, 2023 7:00AM to November 29, 2023 10:59AM (PST)

Event Date


【Follow @GungHo_America】 Please use your X (Twitter) account and follow the Gungho SNS account (@GungHo_America).


To enter, post with the hashtag "#GRANDIA25thAnniversary" and #GRANDIAMemories" with the theme "GRANDIA Favorite Memories" during the event.

How To Enter

"#GRANDIA25thAnniversary" and "#GRANDIAMemories" and "GRANDIA Favorite Memories"


Lottery winners will receive the following prizes:

  • GRANDIA 25th Anniversary Special Goods

    • GRANDIA Pass Case + "No Need for a Pass to Adventure" Card.



#GRANDIA25thAnniversary #GRANDIAMemories

The BOMB storyline makes me so excited!



  • Winners will receive a direct message from the GungHo SNS account (@GungHo_America) regarding the receipt of the prize by December 2023.

  • Please provide the necessary information for the prize receipt by the date given in the direct message.

  • If you have not contacted us with the information necessary to receive the prize, if there is an error in the information, or if the prize is not received even after a certain storage period has passed after being shipped, if it is returned to us, if your X (Twitter) account is private, or if the tweet cannot be confirmed for some reason, we will assume that you have declined to receive the prize.

  • Regardless of the number of times you apply, each person is limited to one entry.

  • If we determine that you are the same customer based on the information you provide (same address, name, or very similar information), your second or subsequent wins will be invalid. Prize shipping is limited to within US and EU.

Regarding Prize Distribution

  • An X (Twitter) account is required to participate in this campaign.

  • By participating in this campaign, we assume that you agree to all the terms and conditions on this page.

  • We may change the terms and conditions without notice. Please be aware of this in advance.

  • If any fraudulent activity is confirmed during the campaign, we may invalidate the winning entry or cancel the campaign.

  • X (Twitter) does not endorse, support, operate, or participate in this campaign.

  • Please follow the terms and conditions of use set by X (Twitter). The information posted is accurate as of the time of posting.

  • We are unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding application acceptance or lottery status.

  • The right to win belongs only to the applicant, and please refrain from transferring or selling the prize to a third party.

  • By participating in this event, you comply and agree with Gungho's Terms of Service.​​



Fanart Contest Winners

Winners from the 2022 Grandia 25th Anniversary Fanart Contest.

Ever since I was a kid #GRANDIA has had a special place in my heart for being the first RPG I played with my brother! Enjoy this song I made today sharing my memories of the game! #GRANDIA25th (P.S. I really did break my disc 2 and wasn't ever able to find a replacement)


I LOVE the game but my best memories are all from interactions with some of my friends, who I've met thanks to it. We'd talk about the lore and characters for hours on hours, draw Fanart, write our own stories... even ran a dedicated GRANDIA forum for about 5 years.


I first experienced GRANDIA via the PlayStation Magazine demo disc #26. I played it religiously until I finally got a copy of my own. The world felt so warm and welcoming. Nostalgic and fresh all the same. The aesthetic, the characters, and especially Iwadare's brilliant score... came together in a unique marriage of emotion. At that tender young age, I too felt as if I was growing alongside Justin. It may seem odd to some,but the game changed my life without question. Left a lasting impression & a wealth of inspiration and wonderful memories!


I was in a long distance relationship with someone and most of our conversations were over AOL Instant Messenger. We decided to finally meet up on my birthday and she brought me a copy of Grandia as a gift and we bonded over it that summer.


Nostalgia Contest Winners

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Character design/Takuhito Kusanagi

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